22 February 2013

One more Dainty Doll Review

Oooooh go on then, Ill show you one more piece of my Dainty Doll collection! This time its a gorgeous lipstick in shade 001. Like the other Dainty Doll products I recently bought, I got this little beauty from Fragrance Direct. I picked this up for a shocking £1.99... I just cant even believe how cheap this was, if you buy from Dainty Doll directly it will cost you £12.50, although Boots do currently have 1/3 off all Dainty Doll products at the moment!

The first thing I noticed about this lipstick is that's its really weighty, I feels luxurious and quality is high. It follows the same packaging as the other Dainty Doll products with a matte black outer case. The inside casing is a wonderful gold which is why I probably feel like this is a luxe product.

This colour isn't what I would normally go for, but I took a risk and I'm glad I did, Its a really deep red, very vampish! One of the things I really love about this product is how long lasting it is, even after a few drinks and something to eat it was still there, obviously faded a little but mainly all in tact.

I have already ordered more of these lipsticks, I think they are my new favourite lippies! I'm not sure if I would pay the full £12.50 for this product I'm sorry to say, as much as I love it, you can get other lipstick for less which are just as good, I do love the packaging though! Please let me know if you have tried this lipstick, I want to know if you love it too.


  1. This is a lovely colour on you and what a bargain! xo

  2. I picked up some dainty doll bits in TK Maxx and I am really impressed with the range. This colour is gorgeous. x

  3. This colour looks lovely on you - really suits your blonde hair!

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