27 February 2013

ESSIE Polish - Pear & Desire

Anyone who has read any of my posts over the last few weeks knows I have just discovered Fragrance Direct (AMAZING!) it’s quite famous for selling Essie polishes for super cheap prices, I picked this one up for £1.99.

This shade is such a lovely orange colour that will look great in the spring time, it’s very on trend at the moment, and we all know how great Essie polishes are. They go on super easy, the brushes are perfect and they dry really quickly, not evening mentioning how long lasting they are!

I love this colour, you can still pick them up at the super great price of only £1.99! Let me know if you have tried it and what you think...


  1. £1.99?! I am all over this!!! xx


  2. I love the Essie nail polish bargains on Fragrance Direct - accidentally ordered 7 this week! Oops!

    Claire x