21 February 2013

My acrylic make-up storage

Like a lot of beauty blogger, I have been desperate to get hold of some acrylic make-up storage, but the trouble I had was that its reeeeeaaally expensive!
I think acrylic storage looks so pretty, and a lot of bbloggers I follow have a fab little storage systems, and I  wanted to join the gang. So I started my search on good old eBay. I came across some units costing £140, way over my price range, and then I found a guy selling smaller units in the UK for around £30, I managed to get mine for an amazing £25. The persons eBay user name is - javad4217. I was really impressed with how helpful he was and how quick delivery was!

The actual storage is perfect, it comes in two parts, the top part which you can keep your brushes and bits in, and the bottom half which are the draws. You get two large draws and two smaller draws. I'm still figuring out what to put where and how to store my bits, but I just love it. Its a million times better than my old make-up bag!

I will post more photos when I have decided what to keep in it, but I think it will be my essentials I use every day. Please let me know what you think :)


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