30 December 2012

Essie Peach Daiquiri and Aperitif

I have got my hands on two new Essie polishes. Peach Daiquiri and Aperitif. The peach daiquiri is this gorgeous light pinky peachy colour, and aperitif is a stunning deep red, both absolutely gorgeous. Really can't wait to use these!

27 December 2012

Dior Addict - ULTRA GLOSS 662 Flash

Santa was so good to me this year, but I think one of my favourite lip products he left me under my tree is this Dior Addict Ultra Gloss lip gloss. As far as high end make up products go, Dior is one of my favourites, I have a few Dior lip glosses and they are so luxury!
I absolutely love this product not only for is amazing colour and staying power, but also because of the gorgeous packaging, it's such a lovely design and very flashy, take this out of your handbag and everyone will know the brand.
Flash 662 is a lovely shimmer pink colour, perfect over lipstick or on it's own in the summer. It's a really versatile colour that I just lovely! As it was gift I'm not sure on price but most Dior glosses are over £20. Pricey I know but in my opinion, worth it.
26 December 2012

Boxing day sales

Every year, my sister and I hit the sales on boxing day, we get up early and wait for them to open. This year was a little disappointing, not a lot caught my eye but I did pick up a few things. River island had the best clothing sale, I got a Blue vest top and black 'leather look' pencil skirt for £17. Boots had their traditional half price on gifts sale, I grabbed some official 17 lip crayons. And primark had a few bits and bobs, gorgeous pom pom slippers, knickers and tights all only £1! What did you get?

Daisy Marc Jacobs - Eau So Fresh

Before I properly blog about what Santa got me and all my festive happenimgs, I want to show you this absolute steal I got in the boxing day sales, from the Perfume Shop. 75ml Daisy gift set for an amazing £24.50!!!! I can't even believe how cheap that is, its normally around £50 for a gift set like this. it's not a fragrance I would wear now but it will keep until the spring. More sale and Christmas posts to come!
6 December 2012

OPI - Top coat and Base coat.

I always use a base and top coat when painting my nails, I really notice the different when I don't. So when I was in my local salon the other day, I noticed they had this little gift sets for sale... I was shocked when she told me they were priced at.... Are you ready for this?! £11!!!!
Obviously I got a set, okay so the bag is a little crappy but it's what's inside that counts... Two full sized OPI products for only £11. Everyone needs a good base and top coat, and I totally recommend these!

1 December 2012

Sleep-In Rollers. Fringe Roller

I have had my sleep in rollers for a while now, and I still love them as much as I did when I first got them. I'm a huge fan of the company and think they have massively grown - the girls are so lovely and deserve everything they have achieved!
When I heard about the specially designed fringe roller I knew I wanted to give it ago, it's super cheap at only £5! The perfect stocking filler. I got mine for my birthday and love it. It's a super chunky roller that's longer than normal rollers, this means you can get your whole fringe rolled on it without bits sticking out the end.
It give you a lovely bounce which I struggle to get with normal rollers. It comes in the iconic Sleep-In Rollers bag so you can put it away without half of your make-up draw getting stuck to it!
Overall a great product, I can't wait to see the girls at the clothes show, I want to get my hands on the NEW hair spray.