30 July 2013

MAC Rosy Outlook Blush

Another sneaky purchase from Duty free!
I have had my eye on this blush for a while after reading a recent review from a fellow blogger, I play it pretty safe when it comes to blushes, I know what suits me and what doesn't, so I do tend to stick to pinks. 
This MAC blusher is the perfect colour for me, I love MAC blushes, all the colours are gorgeous, and they really last on your skin. I very rarely have the reapply MAC blush. 
This colour - Rosy Outlook, it s a really pretty matte pink, it's definitely an every day colour I will be wearing, especially in the summer! 
I find MAC blushes such good quality, from the packaging to the actual product, I'm never disappointed. Let me know if you have used this blush or are thinking of trying it. 

26 July 2013

A treat from Italy!

For the next week or so I will be featuring a few bits and bobs on my blog that I picked up while away in Italy. First up is this stunning leather handbag from Sorrento, the shop was packed full of beautiful leather goods, I have been looking for a new handbags for a while and this ticked all the boxes. The choice of colours was endless, but I settled on this grey/blue colour and I'm so glad I did, I normally go for black or tans bags but this will look stunning with whatever outfit I wear. The bag was €49, not bad for a real quality leather handbag, I can't wait to try it out. 

25 July 2013

MAC Lipstick - Shy Girl

After seeing Vivianna Does makeup talk about how she repurchased this MAC Lippy, I knew it had to be a good'un. So while waiting for my flight recently at Standsted airport, I thought I would make a sneaky MAC purchase, and this was first on my list!

Everyone knows just how fantastic MAC lipsticks are, what I love most about them is how smoothly they apply, as well as the amazing array of colours, so I picked up Shy Girl and I'm so glad I did.

I am normally a bright pinks or red kind of girl, but this colour has made a welcome change to my makeup bag. It's a nudey/peachy colour that has slight hints of pinks to it, the perfect holiday lipstick. 

This colour will literally go with anything as its so neutral. I'm so pleased with this purchase, I can see why Vivianne repurchased it!