19 February 2013

Dainty Doll - Concealer Pen 002

Anyone who had read my previous posts knows I am a big fan of the Dainty Doll range. With Nicola Roberts being my second favourite girls aloud (Kimberly is my first - love her!) I couldn't wait to get my hands on more of these products...

So I came across this amazing website, I can’t believe I haven't stumbled across it before - Fragrence Direct They sell massively discounted make-up and body care, please check it out. I have realised things sell out really quickly, so if you see something you want get it while stocks last! While I was on this website I realised they stocked the Dainty Doll range and it was SO BLUMMING CHEAP!!!

So I picked up this concealer pen for a crazy £2.99 - Boots stock this for £12.50, that's a saving of nearly £9! This pen is very similar to the YSL touche eclat, the packaging is matte black with the same clicker at the bottom. I'm a big fan of the Dainty Doll packaging, I like the cute little boxes and just cant throw them away.

The actual product is very good, I struggle to find concealer that matches my pale skin tone, and this matches perfect. I do find it takes quite a while to blend into my skin but once its blended it stays all day. I really noticed it brightened my eye area and got ride of dark circles.

Considering the price, the amazingly cute packaging and the staying power of the product, this was a really good buy. I'm so glad I purchased this product and certainly will again. however, I don't know if I would be as happy paying the £12.50 price tag considering the YSL touche eclat is only a little more, and I think is a lot more luxurious. Thoughts please?


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