11 February 2013

Dainty Doll - 002 Concealer

I am a huge fan of Nicola Roberts, she is almost my favorite Girls Aloud, after Kimberly! She is an inspiration for us paled skin beauties! I have been itching to try her products for a while, so when on a recent trip to Boots, I noticed they had an offer on, 1/3 off all Dainty Doll products. I had been looking for a good concealer for a while, so I thought this was a good opportunity to try this brand and hopefully find a fabulous concealer!

I love this packaging, I think its great, Its such a fun design and really eye catching. (Such a sucker for packaging!) the actual case for the product is a black plastic flip compact with a little mirror in the lid, very clean and sleek!

The product is fantastic, I'm so pleased I found this concealer, the colour matches my skin tone exactly, its light and creamy yet the coverage is spot on! Its enriched with vitamin E, antioxidants and anti inflammatory which helps calm and cover spots or blemishes.

Because the product is creamy its easy to blend, it stays place all day and doesn't slip at all. I really cant fault this product, I have been using it every day for about two weeks and its still working a treat. This concealer is normally £14.50 but I only paid £9.69 with the discount. You can still get this offer on all Dainty Doll products from Boots here

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