3 February 2014

Tanya Burr - Lipglosses

I'm sure there isn't one beauty lover who hasn't heard of the great Tanya Burr, so when it was announced that the beauty guru was bringing out her own rage, hysteria too place amongst beauty lovers - me being on of these who go way too over excited. As soon as the products were released on feel Unique, I made my order and waited patiently.

I order two of these highly anticipated lip glosses in the shades Chic and Smile, Dream, Sparkle. Firstly, the packaging, The actual packaging of the lip glosses is really sleek and neat, I lip the black lip and that you can actually see the product. I'm not too sure about the paper packaging the lip gloss comes in, I like a cute little boxed product - but that's just a personal thing.
I would describe Chic is a nudey peachy colour, its more of an opaque colour that has a really good pigment and is really creamy, I love this colour, its not like any other colour in my collection which I am really pleased with - I wish I had ordered more of these creamy shades, I think I would love them all.
Smile, Dream, Sparkle (Not sure about this name?!) Is a soft pink glitter that actually has hardly any colour, its more of a clear pinky gloss that you would wear over a lipstick that gives a lovely shimmer.

I am a big lip gloss lover, but the one thing I cant stand is sticky lips, I didn't find these products too sticky, even after I had worn them for a while, they wear really well! They also smell incredible, a really gorgeous sweet smell which makes wearing them even more enjoyable. Obviously I only received these today, so I need to give them a text out, I'm interested to see how they react to every girls bug-bear, hair + wind = sticky hairy lips.

Overall at this early stage its a huge thumbs up on the glosses, I love them and cant wait to try more. Tanya also released a collection of nail varnishes, but as I use Shellac I didn't order these, I would love to know what they are like though, the colours look stunning!


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