2 February 2014

L'Oreal True Match Foundation - Giorgio Armani Dupe Alert!

Its no secret that the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation is a beauty bloggers favourite, so many bbloggers rave about how great this foundation is, the only downside to the Giorgio Armani foundation is the shocking high price tag - £35.50 (Gulp!)

When I heard that there was a great dupe available in drug stores, I was all over it. L'Oreal True Match Foundation is meant to be a really similar product and I am really enjoying using it. Firstly the cost, this product is £9.99, L'Oreal actually had buy one get one half price, so my mum picked on up too.

The texture of this foundation is quite runny, compared to my Clinique foundation which is a little thicker. It blends really well with my Real Technique expert face brush and has a lovely silky finish without being too shiny or dewy - its a matte finish.

drug store foundations are normally very limited on colour range, but there seemed to be a lot of options for this product, I picked up N1 which is actually an almost perfect match for me. I really like the packaging for this product too, I really enjoy a pump on a foundation.

The coverage is pretty good too, it doesn't look too cakey at all, and its very buildable, by adding a little bit of powder over the top really gives you that little bit of extra coverage.

Although I haven't personally tried the Giorgio Armani, I have heard a lot of comparisons with these two products, I am really enjoying using this foundation and will continue to do so - I really do not feel the need to spend £35 on a product which is apprently very similar. 


  1. Sounds really lovely! I don't own a single drugstore foundation because I've been so often disappointed by them, maybe I should give them a chance again. But I need to see if I can get this product where I live, if I can, I will surely give it a go :)


  2. Really want to try this as I've heard so many good things :)