6 February 2014

HD Brow Palette - Foxy

I recently purchased the HD Browns palette in the Foxy shades and it has changed my life - maybe a little dramatic, but its certainly changed my brows. I have my eyebrows done every 5-6 weeks by an HD Brow technician, she is fantastic, she said I should start using the HD palette to make the most of my brows, and I love it.

Before the HD palette I was using a mix of products, including the MUA eyebrow palette and the eyelure palette, I really enjoyed using both, but I always struggled with matching the colour, I would spent quite a while blending colours together. The Foxy HD palette is the perfect shade for my brows, no more mixing.

Each palette contains 4 anti-smudge pressed powders which are matte and very easy to blend, the formula's are very pigmented and glide on your brows very easily. The powders aren't too powdery, meaning it doesn't fall all over your face.

This is a great palette to pop in your bag and be confident you have all you need to transform your eyes, made easy with a mini angled and flat brush and a large mirror that comes in the palette. You can also use the colours as eye shadows, although I haven't tried them yet.

I would really recommend this product for anyone looking for a great eyebrow palette, there are a lot of them out on the market, but in my opinion, why waste your time and money when this palette will do the job far better!

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  1. I'm always considering getting this, I think I just need to bite the bullet and go for it!