17 April 2012

The craze that is... Sleep In Rollers!

For weeks now I have seen Twitter go crazy over these sleeprollers that you can wear to bed, and I wanted in on the action. Lots of celebs have been seen wearing them so I thought I would give them a go. I currently sleep in my hair rollers and they aren't terribly comfortable because they are the hard one, so I was exciting knowing that I actually might be able to get a good nights sleep!

I ordered my sleep rollers online, priced at £16,50 and free delivery which isn't bad for a set of rollers anyway. I really like the size of these rollers, they are big jumbo ones which is perfect for my hair. I ordered them Thursday lunchtime and by Friday morning they were in my postman's bag being delivered to my front door - Very impressive, there is nothing I like more than quick delivery. They come in two packs of 10 in a very Handy draw string bag - I'm always trying to find bags big enough for my rollers so this is a great idea! The rollers are a lot softer than I thought too, the Velcro is wrapped around the foam which makes it squishy.

There are a few different ways people put their rollers in, so this is just how I do it. If you go on the website there are some handy tips.
On freshly washed hair, I applied hair mousse and roughly dried my hair. Then in sections I made with my comb I started rolling my hair, spraying each one with hair spray as I go along, my hair is fairly long so it's a bit of a work out on the arms putting them in. The rollers go in easily and stay because if the Velcro. Once they are all in I sprayed one last time with hair spray and let the magic happen.
I then got into bed as I was excited to see how comfortable they actually were. To be completely honest they aren't massively comfortable in a life changing way - but a lot better than my other ones so I can't really complain, laying on my back was fine, it's just on the sides of my face that hurt a bit. I got to sleep no problem, I was a bit worried about them falling out but they all managed to stay in fine. The results were impressive, I'm so glad that they worked and my hair was big and bouncy all day, I even got caught in the rain but my hair still stayed big!

I would defiantly recommend these, for £16 they are great value, I have heard a few people say that they didn't curl their hair or they couldnt sleep in them but for me it did make my hair big and bouncy.


  1. These look like a great idea! I fall asleep so easily so i dont think theyd bother me too much. Great review:)