26 April 2012

I love.... Strawberries and Milkshake - Best of British

For anyone that follows me on twitter knows I'm a bubble bath fanatic, I know they not the most environmentally friendly way to wash or relax but I love them and I'm not in any hurry to give them up!
So when the lovely people at I Love Cosmetics sent me a sample of their new limited edition Strawberries and Milkshake bubble bath with the union jack motif on the front I just could not wait to hope in the bath and try it out.
I have reviewed this companies products before and they are a big favourite of mine, and they still are! I love all of their products, especially the bubble baths, I think they are superb value for what I believe to be great reliable products. The smell of this one is absolutely gorgeous, really sweet and girly - it smells exactly like strawberries and milkshake. I received this through the post at work and the whole office had a sniff and agreed it smelt fab!! I have tried a few of the strawberries and milkshake range and the lip-balm is great too, it smells gorgeous and tastes very yummy!
It's really bubbly and the smell lingers for a while after you have run your bath, also the colour and bottle is very cute and perfect for this years jubilee - I think the Queen would love it... Obvs!
Big thumbs up from me, I can't wait to have another bath :) I would love to know if anyone else has tried this or thinking of getting it! You can get your limited edition bottle from Superdrug at £2.05 - Bargin!

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  1. I saw this in superdrug was tempted to buy it but didn't think i will now :)