11 January 2012

I love... Coconut & Cream!

If you follow my twitter then you will know I love a good bath, any time in the day! I love relaxing and listen to music just chilling out. But what makes my baths extra relaxing is a brilliant bubble bath!
I picked up these little beauties from the clothes show in December. They are by a company called I Love... And they sell lots of cosmetics and bath time delights.
I got a goody bag with a whole pack along with one of the gorgeous candles and other goodies for only £10! So I tried this one out the other night and the smell was gorgeous, I'm not normally a coconut kinda gal but this was very creamy and not too sweet. It was a very relaxing smell and produced lots of bubbles.
The size of the bottle was enough for one of my baths but it could probably stretch to two baths (I love lots of bubbles!) defiantly worth a go if you see them out and about, I think superdrug sell them as well as Morrison's. Have you used the I Love... Bubble baths? What did you think?

1 comment:

  1. I love your blog - its so cute (:
    my favourite "I love..." product is the raspberry and blackberry scented bubble bath and shower creme x