2 February 2012

Little beauties!

31st March 2012 I am Maid of Honour at my good friends wedding, I was completely shocked when the asked me but utterly delighted!
So I'm wearing a gorgeous brown dress from Coast which is floor length so I needed some sexy shoes to go with it. I picked these gorgeous little beauties up from ASOS and just look at them! Perfect - they were £23 in the sale, such a great bargain! I'm so happy I found them and they go perfectly.
At first I wasn't a fan of the chunky heel but after wearing them they are super comfortable! All in all a great buy!


  1. I bought a bronze oasis dress from the asos website and wondered if these heels would go! Now I've seen your photos I definitely want to purchase them..just wondering if their going to go with the colour of the dress! Great post now following:)

  2. Actually it's not that much different from the colour of your dress! x

  3. Its a lovely colour, and the shoes match so well, Im a big fan... and great price!