9 January 2012

Models Own Beetle Juice - Emerald Black

I have had these little beauties from Models Own for a while and have only really just got around to using them! So here we go. First up Emerald Black...
I love the Models Own varnishes, they apply really easily and dry super fast, although the smell isn't too lush.
The colour itself is really lovely and has a two tone effect with little speckles of blue. It's a perfect colour for everyday wear but also a lovely colour to wear at night on a night out. The pictures doesn't really justify the actual colour and looks a lot prettier in real life. I absolutely would recommend this polish and can't wait to try the others. Have you tried this colour? What did you think? I would love to know your thoughts.


  1. nice colour, and I loke models own nail polishes :)

  2. They are really easy to use and at a fab price! I can't wait to use the others :)