21 November 2013

KIKO soft touch blush

Adding to my newly formed KIKO collection is the soft touch blush in shade 104.

I'm a blusher lover, I have so many in a range of colours, and when trying a new brand, the blushers is either make it or break it for me, and KIKO have got it bang on! 

This shade is a gorgeous plum/pink colour that's perfect for this time of year, I love the soft texture and how easily it blends into the skin, I also find this blusher really hangs around on your cheeks, blusher is the first to go if I am wearing my make up all day, but these seems to cling on for longer. 

The blusher is £7,50 which isn't the cheapest blusher I have, but for the quality and staying power is actually really good value, you only need a small amount on your brush, it really is very pigmented and blends a long way.

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  1. Ooh I've been wanting to try Kiko for a while, waiting for their Regent St store to open! The texture sounds perfect, pretty good for £7.50!

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