20 August 2013

Topshop Highlighter

I have been looking for a highlighter for a while now, I know lots of people recommend the Benefit highlighter, which I do enjoy using but I was looking for an alternative at a slightly cheaper price. I was recently in the Oxford Street Topshop browsing the beauty section when I came across this product, Its simply named Topshop Highlighter, and what struck me at first was this size - there is a huge amount of product in the compact!

This highlighter is also really highly pigmented, much more than any other highlighter I have come across, you really only need the smallest amount on your brush, this isn't a product you can chuck on and your ready to go, you do need to work it into your skin to ensure the product has blended well and not sat on top of your skin, the powder blends really easier so this isn't difficult to do.

The only down side to this product for me is the packaging, not so much the white plastic outer shell, its more the fact that there isn't a mirror in the lid, this is a small bug bear of mine, I like to have a mirror in front of me when I'm using a product.

I paid £10 for this product, an amazing price for such a long lasting highlighter, its really easy to use once you have figured out where you need to place your highlighter, for me its the top of my cheeky bones, above my eyebrow and on my cupids bow, sometime I place a little down the centre of my nose.
I have really enjoyed using this product, do let me know if you have tried it and what you thought.


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