18 August 2013

Bioderma Créaline H20

It’s safe to say that Bioderma has really made an impact in the beauty world over the last year, I have been using the product for a while but never featured it on my blog.  Bioderma Créaline H20 is known to be one of the most gentle makeup removers and cleansing solutions around. For a liquid that essentially mimics water, it certainly has a little magic in it, especially when it comes to water proof mascara. The solution is perfume free and hypoallergenic, it contains cucumber extract to soothe irritated skin, enables dirt to be emulsified and surface hydrolipidic film to be reconstituted - Makeup literally glides off with no effort at all, its super sensitive and a real pleasure to use.

It can be a challenge to get hold of this product in the UK, but there are plenty of online store you can pick this up from, the famous French skin care product is one of my MUST beauty products, until you try it it’s difficult to explain just how effective it is. The packaging is fairly simple and easy to dispense, I have seen a pump action top on a few blogs but have heard a few negative things, so for the time being I am happy with the original. I have heard rumours of dupes which act in the same way, but for me Bioderma will always have a special feel to it.  

Let me know your thoughts on Bioderma and if you have used any other products.


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