31 May 2013

Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting kit review

Recently I was sent the Bblonde Jerome Russell Highlighting Kit to review, I normally get my hair professionally coloured every 4-5 weeks so this was a completely new experience for me. 
The kit says it gives you a professional salon results for permanent lightening & controlled highlight, formulated with avocado oil & seaweed extract that together claim to protect and condition both hair and scalp.
The kit I was sent is recommended for light to dark brown hair, I have very light hair so I was worried this wasn't going to be light enough! 
The kit contained: 
1 Sachet of powder bleach
1 Bottle of 40% Vol cream peroxide
1 Sachet of conditioning shampoo
1 Instruction leaflet
1 Application brush
1 Metal hook
1 Pair of plastic gloves
1 Mixing tray
1 Highlighting hat
1 Development hat
This is literally everything I needed which was great, I wasn't expecting the cap and hook which was a real bonus! 
The leaflet was very detailed, explaining all stages of the application which was really helpful and easy to understand. 
The mixture, is a very strong bleach that when all mixed together, turns a shade of purple. The texture is very thick which makes it easy to apply, and the smell wasn't actually too strong. I got picking with the hook, this can be quite difficult, I'm fairly good at it so had no problems but you might need someone to give you a hand, especially at the back. Once all my hair was through I popped the colour on, I used two boxes as my hair is quite long, this was the perfect amount for me. I finished off putting the development cap on which seals everything in. 
When I washed it off I gave it a good scrub and a few washes, I used the conditioning treatment included in the pack which I found really lovely and left my hair a lot softer than expected, bleach can be so harsh so it's important to keep your hair conditioned well! 
Overall I was really surprised at how good this kit was, I was expecting it to be slightly messy and awkward but it wasn't at all. The colour was pretty much identical to what I leave with when I visit a salon, I was so impressed and really pleased. I will absolutely be using this kit again! 


  1. your hair looks so blonde! think i'm definitely going to give this a go! x

    1. This prodcut is amazing, so easy to use and made my hair so blonde! I loved it :)