27 May 2013

Cleaning my brushes.

As its the Bank Holiday, I'm trying to be a good girl and get lots of little jobs done. One of these jobs being cleaning my makeup brushes. It's one of the faffy jobs I hate doing but when I have I'm so please I did, everyone loves a clean brush and my makeup goes on so much better, I tried to do it every other week!
For me, my little secret is baby shampoo, because its designed for fine hair, it's perfect for really cleaning the delicate hairs on your makeup brushes.

I fill my skink with warm water and gently massage the baby shampoo into my brushes trying to keep them brush down at all times, this just means water doesn't trickle up into the stem of the brush. 
Once I have cleaned all my brushes and the water is a horrible brown colour, I rest them on a towel over a radiator to let them dry. I know some bloggers have made contraptions to allow them to hang brush side down, I'm not this creative and find this technique suits me just fine!

Let me know your brush cleaning secrets :) 

1 comment:

  1. I have been wandering what I should clean my brushes with - brush cleaner is not something I see when I am wandering around Boots

    But this is a great idea - I will be picking this up now!