18 October 2012

Clinique Super Balanced Foundation

It’s become apparent to me that I’m not the only person constantly on a mission to find the perfect foundation. I have tried every brand going, from cheap drug store brands to high end break the bank products.

The problem I have with my skin is that I have a few scars around my cheeky from when I was younger and used to pick my spots. They aren’t terribly noticeable but I am really self-conscious about them, and would never go out without make-up covering them. Some days they seem to show up more than others so I tend to go for a really good coverage foundation that isn’t cakey but still gives me flawless skin (In other words I want a foundation that doesn’t exist!)

A few months ago I was sent a sample of the Clinique Super balanced foundation. I gave it a go and was so happy with the results I went and purchased the full sized bottle.

The staff at the Clinique counter at Boots in Kings Cross were so helpful and really spent the time matching my skin tone to the right colour. I have quite pale skin so I have the 02 Fair colour. I have read reviews on this product about people not being happy with the bottle as it doesn’t have a pump, this didn’t really bother me, but a good solution is just to buy a small pump and fix it on.

What I love so much about this foundation is the lightness of it while still giving amazing coverage. So many people comment on how flawless my skin looks and how fresh faced I look. It’s priced at £21.50 which I know is a lot but it lasts for ages and I am happy to spend this amount on something I used daily.

I am really interested if anyone else has used the product and what they thought of it. Did you love it/hate it?


  1. I like the sound of this.. I have the Clinique Even Better foundation and I love it

    1. I can't rate it enough... Really love Clinique as a brand too!
      Thanks for reading! x