18 March 2012

Kiss Nails

Im not normally one for false stick on nails, not only am I terrible at applying them but I find they last one night and I come home with half of them missing!
So when u was given a free set at the National Wedding show I wasn't overly excited, but they saved my life one a last minute night out.
My nails were in terrible nick and I just didn't have time to paint them or go and get them done, I then remembered these little beauty's and thought I may as well give them a go!
I think the thing that scares me most is the glue! It ends up ever where, I once got it on my eyelash which wasnt pretty, but because these nails have a little tab on the end it made it much easier to place them on without the rest of your hands getting covered with glue
I also think that because of then length (real short) they look slightly more realistic, some false nails to me look awful and plastic. This length was perfect, although I had to cut my real nails as they were longer then the false ones. The colour is also great, you can't see much of the glue behind and they suit my skin tone.

It's my friends wedding in a few weeks and I am considering buying more of these and wearing them again, my mum (who is an avid user of glue of stick on nails) didn't notice that they were false for a while, she wants to try them too!
My mind has officially been changed, the only one thing that I don't like is this build up of glue behind the nail, it doesn't feel nice, but I think I used too much glue.
What do you think?


  1. They look really good! I hate the build up of glue and I have had that even when I have had my nails done professionally... I usually sit with a nail file and chip the glue off! They look good though... Are they still on?

  2. the nails look really good! I was thinking that you have got done acrylic nails :)