30 December 2013

YSL Blush Radiance - 6

Anything that comes in it's own dust bag is a hot with me, normally because it hints at bein super luxe! 
Initially I was a little scared of the bright pink. but it works perfectly on my pale skin tone, making it an everyday product for me - although I tend to only wear my luxe products on special occasions.

It’s actually quite a matte blush with a tiny hint of a satin finish that gives a bit of sheen, it's certainly not shimmery, but instead has a lovely dimension to it, I think this is helped by having 2 shades with different finishes in the pan.
Also, the blush is very pigmented, yet still completely buildable - only a light hand is needed to get a wash of color on your cheeks, but you can easily go heavier if you feel you need/can take a bit more color.
I am seriously impressed with the staying power of this product, it is common for these type of blushes to fade quickly, I find my blush is the first thing to go when's make up slides, this however has great staying power.
I will certainly be adding more of these gorgeous blushes to my collection, they are a great wearable blush that is super luxe, I suppose the only down side is the price, they aren't cheap! But as a special treat or gift, I would definitely go for this. 

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  1. Love it love it love it ♥♥♥
    I am in general all pink things addict :-) and this one goes on my wish list :-)
    Lovely blog hun :-)