12 January 2013

MUA haul... First time!

I know this will shock a lot of people, but I must admit, as a beauty blogger, I have never tried MUA products!! Crazy I know, considering they are so flipping cheap and available in most Superdrug stores. I had heard so much about these products, I know some people think that because they are so cheap they can't be that good?! Well, I have some news for you! They are fricking brilliant.
I took the plunge and made a huge order online, the website offered free delivery over £25, so that's what I spent, and with that £25 I got all of this amazing stuff! (just a note, I can't remember how much the items were individually but everything is on their website) MUA is a value brand, but the products are great, they don't faff around with fancy packaging but that doesn't matter!
Up first... Pro Brow - brow power kit with a mini brush and tweezers. Love this kit, the power stays allllllll day with no movement, I use it with my eye brow stencil and it's great. I don't use wax but if you do, this kit also contains in.
Shimmer kisses blusher - the most gorgeous blusher with a pinky shimmer, this will be perfect for the summer!
Eyeshadow - the staying power of these are amazing! And all for just £1!
Lipsticks - so moisturising and the pigment is great... Love these!
Lip boom - this product has been developed with Alexandra Burke and is great, one end is a lipstick and the other a gloss, plumps your lips and is gorgeous!
Fur-effect nails - now, I haven't use this yet but it's a fur dust you sprinkle over wet nail polish... To be continued!
Contour eye liner - this is an angled shadow liner to help get you eye makeup perfect.
Blushes - I have fallen in love with these, packaging makes them eyes to apply to your brush and the pigment is great... Think these were £1!
Pallet - this is the product I had heard the most about, and now I know why. This pallet is amazing, the colours are gorgeous and although they are all quite similar, they all work lovely together.

Overall I am really pleased I made the order, I will certainly be making more MUA purchases in the future! For the chance to get your hands on some of the products, check out my Twitter page - PrettyMeBlog


  1. MUA is such a great brand. There is loads I want from them at the moment. x

    1. Really great brand and so cheap! I might be making another order soon. Thanks for your comment. K x

  2. I love MUA, they have quite a lot of nice products. x

    1. So many lovely products, and great too - their eye shadows are fab! Thanks for commenting K x