8 September 2012

The Body Shop - Product review

First up is the Strawberry Body Polish 200ml at £9 (£4.50 with my discount) This product to me is The Body Shop, if blind folded I would instantly recognise the smell as the gorgeous strawberry scent The Body Shop is known for. Not only does it smell fabulous but it works a treat, it really lathers up well while working as a great exfoliator. I would certainly recommend this product however, I do think at full price £9 is quite a lot of money. All in all, a great product.

Next is equally as gorgeous Raspberry Ripple bath and shower gel, this too has an amazing smell. I used it this morning as a bubble bath and it was great, lots of bubble and really fruity. It works fab as a shower gel too although I prefer using it as bubble bath. Full price this is £4 but I only paid £2, an absolute bargin I'm sure you will agree!

Lastly, the Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter. This full price is £3, meaning I only paid a cheeky £1.50 for this product! This hair butter is stunning, I absolutely love it and have already made an order for a bigger size, mine is only a 50ml and will run out quickly...
It smells great, just like all Body Shop products and really leaves the hair feeling luxurious, just how I feel when I leave the hair dressers. Again, I would 100% recommend this product!

Please let me know if you have used any of these products, I would love to know what you think! X

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  1. Loving the look of the hair butter, I'm always on the hunt for good hair treats! Love the smell of raspberry and strawberry too so all these products like fab! xo