4 July 2012

3D White Crest

I have been asking a few of you about the best teeth whitening treatments, and most people agree that these Crest White strips are the best! I have used these before and they really did whitening my teeth.
I get these off EBay and they work put at just over £1 each... You get two strips, one for your bottom set and one for your top. You leave them on for different times depending on how White you want your teeth. It takes a few goes but two weeks for me really brightens them up and leaves me with White sparkly teeth :)
I'm such a big fan of these and would certainly recommend them to anyone. Unlike gels they are kind to gums and teeth.
Let me know if you have used them and what you think.


  1. I love the Crest Whte Strips. These arent the same I used but I got great results.
    I wrote a review you might be interested in

  2. Great post! I am a big fan of these strips, they are just so easy!

  3. i'm about to get my braces off so definitely going to try these! x